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Write for Us

We are looking for the best writing from members of The Diamond Valley Writers Guild for publication in Straitjackets Magazine (SJM).


  • You must be a Diamond Valley Writer’s Guild member to submit. Join at


  • SJM accepts short stories, essays, personal memoirs, poetry, book excerpts--in short, anything with literary merit. We do not accept religious, political, or erotic work.


  • We publish three issues—Spring, Summer, and Fall.

  • We do not pay for submissions. Perhaps in the future, but for now we are the members of the non-profit Diamond Valley Writers Guild.  We publish Straitjackets Magazine for the joy of sharing our work with others.

  • We expect only one time rights. We will consider reprint material.

  • The deadline for the Summer 2022 issue is Monday, August 8, 2022.


SJM has formatting guidelines you need to follow. The editors will return submissions that are not properly formatted.

     -Use WORD doc/docx. No google or cloud formats.

    -In the upper left corner of page one, write your name, phone number, email address,               

    -Don’t indent the first line of the first paragraph. Do indent all succeeding paragraphs.

    -Font: Times New Roman, 12-point.

    -Double-space the body. 

    -ONE space after all periods. End of sentence? One space, not two.

    -First-time contributor: submit your photo (jpeg/jpg), a short bio, your website address if you      

    -Regular contributor: We already have your bio and picture. Only send new ones if you want    

    -Book excerpt: send a jpeg/jpg or png image of the front cover.

    -Preferred word limit: 1500 words (or less).

have one, and/or a link to your book in Amazon.

to change them.

website url, genre, and word count.


1. Your edited, proofread, properly formatted submission in a Word doc.

2.  First-time submitter: attach a short personal biography, author photo (jpeg), author website address and/or a link to your book in Amazon. 

          a. If you have been published in SJM, we already have your bio, photo, and url, so no need to send it again unless you want to change it.  

3.  If you have one, a photo or illustration that compliments your submission. The editors reserve the right to select a different photo.

Submit your work by sending an e-mail and attachments to: 


(DO NOT send to Diamond Valley Writer’s Guild email or to the editors.)

We look forward to reading your work.

The Straitjackets staff

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