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Dakota Blues

A wrecked marriage, a failed career, and a heartbreaking return to her hometown. Is it too late to start over?

Karen Grace is on the ropes. Far from home and newly unemployed, she is stunned to learn that her husband’s girlfriend is pregnant. Devastated and drifting, with no reason to hurry back, she agrees to take an elderly neighbor on one last road trip in her vintage RV.

Camping, relaxing, and making friends, Karen glimpses a new way of life, one where she finally puts herself first. But when her husband tells her the truth and begs her to come home, she is torn.

Will she choose the dutiful familiarity of her old life, or find the courage to start over on her own terms?

Dakota Blues is the inspiring first book in the Karen Grace women’s fiction series. If you love the idea of small towns, fresh starts, and reinvention road trips, you’ll love Lynne M. Spreen’s uplifting midlife novel. Buy Dakota Blues and set off on your own road trip today!

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