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How to Find the Juice

May 18, 2024

presented by Allyson Adams

We all have stories to tell. So many ideas, so little time! What project excites you and why?

With a series of exercises, we will discover the creative spark that brings your story to life.

Allyson Adams is an award-winning screenwriter, director, and costume designer who made her acting debut at two years old playing opposite Elizabeth Montgomery. She has had over 30 plays produced, and her most recent musical Howl with music by George Winston and Kali Armstrong, played to sold-out audiences in Big Sky, Montana. Adams wrote, directed, and acted in the Montana PBS docudrama, Peace is a Woman's Job, about first Congresswoman Jeannette Rankin and toured the one-woman show for a decade. In 2012, Allyson published The Rebel & The King written by her late father, Oscar-nominated actor Nick Adams, about his friendship with Elvis Presley, and launched the book at Graceland, and has recently completed the short film Lana Turner's Eyes.

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