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Inspiration, Purpose, and Motivation

January 21, 2023

presented by Sandy Schuster

Feeling sluggish coming into the new year? Not sure how or where to begin? Or maybe you can’t even remember where you left off in your current work-in-progress. Well … you’re not alone.

Sandy, a National Board-Certified Educator in Language Arts, will help you:

  • Determine what you want to accomplish in the coming year.

  • Identify potential obstacles and distractions between you and your goals.

  • Examine ways to overcome these challenges.

  • Create structures and habits that encourage and support your success.

In addition to her career teaching high school, college, and university level classes, Sandy’s authored or co-authored thirteen subject matter books for an educational publishing firm. She served on DVWG’s Board for four years (as Member-at-Large 2017/18 and as Vice President 2019/20) and her personal essays have appeared in literary journals, including Straitjackets Magazine. Currently she’s in the editing phase of her memoir.

As a lifelong learner, Sandy has driven cross-country to attend workshops and writing-related events including the Iowa Summer Writing Festival (ISWF), Erma Bombeck Writer’s Workshops in Dayton, Ohio, Bouchercon, and various seminars presented by notables such as Donald Maas, Lisa Dale Norton, and Jane Friedman.

“Readers and writers are my tribe,” Sandy says, “Especially those who have a sense of humor.”

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