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Wrath of Rhonda

Easygoing Jerry Slider is about to experience his lifelong dream of exploring some of the Polynesian islands on a 30-day cruise. What begins as a grand adventure, gets an immediate twist when his beloved wife refuses to go. Instead, she insists Jerry take her longtime friend, Rhonda Russell, who had always wanted to visit these stunning tropical islands. But Rhonda quickly proves to be a difficult and unpredictable cruise-mate who adds many outrageous, hilarious situations for him. Everyone knows someone like Rhonda Russell, an abrasive know-it-all. But they probably haven't had to take a long cruise to the remotest places on earth, sharing the same cabin. This laugh-out-loud yarn, spun against a backdrop of the South Pacific, provides a fun, exhilarating read. Jerry strives to explore remote tropical lagoons and meet exotic peoples, while struggling to avoid the snares and pitfalls on-board the Tahiti-bound Pacific Star.

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