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You don't need to write an entire book to get published. One of the perks of being a member of the Diamond Valley Writers' Guild is having the ability to showcase your work and have it published to the world via the Guild. The library puts individual works from members in one easy-to-find location. From the archives of our former literary magazine, Straitjackets, to our annual Poetry Appreciation and our upcoming Guild Anthology.

The library only showcases individually published pieces, it does not include published books. Those can be found in the Member Books section, with the exception being the Guild Anthologies. Want to showcase your accomplishments? Join the Guild!


The Guild's first anthology is currently in development and it's NOT TOO LATE to get involved!

The submission deadline is midnight May 31, 2024.

If you would like to get involved, read the 2024 Anthology guidelines. If you're not yet a guild member... join today!

Open for Submissions


Straitjackets Magazine

Straitjackets was the revival of an online magazine that had lain fallow for a few years, but rose up again as a literary venue for members of the newly formed Diamond Valley Writers’ Guild in 2017. Straitjackets was retired in 2023, but the content has been preserved.

Creating literature is an art form, a gift from the heart via the pen from one person to another. Before you read someone’s work, take a look at their photo and the short biography that accompanies their story or poem. Try to imagine them sitting at their computer, taking a random idea that floats into their head out of absolutely nowhere, or perhaps it’s an idea that germinated from something they experienced or observed at some point in their lives that had meaning to them. They ruminate on the idea, and if they are like me, they wake up in the morning with a sentence in their head that niggles at them until it makes its way onto paper. They write the sentence, but stop to rearrange words, or find different words, better words, that makes the sentence sing, a sentence that grabs you and pulls you right into the story. Try to appreciate how the writer creates more and more sentences, struggling with some, flowing with others. Sentences become paragraphs, paragraphs create scenes, which eventually emerge into a terrific story that got published in Straitjackets Magazine.

All issues open into their own browser tabs/windows, click the covers below to open the issues.


Poetry Appreciation

Every August, our monthly meeting is dedicated to Poetry Appreciation. As of 2023, we've started taking those poems and publishing them on the website for all to read, but if you prefer watching the video replay of our members reading their poetry, please visit the Meetings page.

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