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The Diamond Valley Writers' Guild is proud to feature publications by Guild members on this page. Books are listed in alpha order by author's last name. Some authors may have published more books than are shown.


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Dixie Ayala

Rose Baldwin

Gerald Berns

Burns 1.jpg

JoLynne Buehring wrote or contributed to:

Buehring 2.jpg
Buehring 1.jpg

Dennis Conrad wrote or contributed to:

Conrad 1.jpg
Conrad 2.jpg

Michael Max Darrow

K.L. Estrada

Howard Feigenbaum

Feigenbaum 55.jpg
Feigenbaum 66.jpg
Feigenbaum 77.jpg

Arch Font

Font 4.jpg
Font 5.jpg
Font 3.jpg

Brenda Hill

Hill 11.jpg

Vicki Hitt

Hitt V.jpg
Hill 22.jpg
Hill 33.jpg

Jim Hitt

Hitt 1.jpe
Hitt 11.jpg

John Hoddy

Hitt 2.jpe

Sharon Judie

Judie 2.jpg
Judie 1.jpg
Judie 3.jpg

Kevin Kindle

Kindle 1.jpg
Kindle 2.jpg
Kindle 3.jpg