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American History for Kids: 500 Facts!

Interesting facts that teach kids ages 8 to 12 about American history

Kids don't need long, boring textbooks to learn about history. Starting with America's earliest inhabitants in 20,000 BCE and finishing in the modern day, American History for Kids helps them explore America's past through memorable and exciting facts that they will love to share.

This engaging look at American history for kids age 8-12 includes:

  • 500 facts—This book introduces kids to many of the incredible things that have happened in America, one informative tidbit at a time.

  • The complete timeline—Kids will learn all about important people, places, and events across thousands of years of American history.

  • A leg up on learning—These facts provide kids with a head start on the topics they'll be covering in class, plus things they might not learn in school.

Help history come alive with the incredible facts inside this top choice among American history books.

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