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Bob Hope: A Tribute


He's an American legend whose wisecracks entertained us for more than sixty years. Now you can enjoy all the glamour and fun of Bob Hope's fabulous life in this intimate, wonderfully detailed biography. Discover how an English immigrant named Leslie Downs Hope became the great Bob Hope, the funniest man in Hollywood, a comedian who won our hearts … and those of thousands of American troops. Don't miss:

•HIS GET-TO-THE-TOP-ANY-WAY-YOU-CAN ATTITUDE … The truth about con games in Cleveland and the bluff that got him star billing in Vaudeville

•ROBERTA … Not a lady but a Broadway musical, Hope's part in this hit promised a crack at Hollywood … until a misstep nearly cost him everything

•ON THE ROAD … Shrewd or lucky? The facts behind teaming up with Bing Crosby on the hilarious Road to Singapore, his long movie career, and his fabulous wealth

•THE MYSTERY SURROUNDING HIS MARRIAGE … Although he fell head over heels for the socialite who became his wife, secrets remain about another woman, a child, and a marriage certificate

•DAMES, WAR, AND U.S.O … Patriotism or fame? What led Hope into three wars as he brought the boys risque jokes and sexy pin-ups … and earned a place in history?

•GOLF AND POLITICAL GAMES … The behind-the-scenes story of his influence on America's presidents, his clout, and his golf—the game he loved enough to put his money where his tee was …

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