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Changes in Content Distribution and Publishing

Apr 24, 2021

presented by Robert Martin

KDP, IngramSpark, and a Trad Publisher all walk into a bar: Changes in Content Distribution and Publishing will have lasting effects. Robert Martin outlines what authors can expect.

After years working in marketing and editorial for small presses and magazines, Robert lost his job as the Chief Editor of a travel magazine during the 2020 COVID Pandemic. Striking out on his own, he founded City Limits Publishing. In one year, he has grown City Limits to include over 70 authors, 14 full-time staff members, and over 100 titles with a full editorial calendar into Q3 of 2022. Robert holds multiple degrees in English, Visual Communications, Marketing, Business Admin, and Organizational Leadership. He’s authored nine books ranging from theatrical to poetry, children’s books to photography and travel.

Born and raised in Nashville, a place he now calls home again after almost a decade in Miami and New York City, Robert splits his time between Nashville and Vienna, Austria with his husband and their dog, Theo.

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