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Emotional Resonance

...or How I Made My Dad Not Speak To Me For A Week

July 20, 2024

presented by Kevin Ikenberry

Of all the things your characters can do, readers will remember how it made them feel. We'll talk about character development, some tricks and tropes of the trade, and archetypal story structure and how to make our character grow and change. All of these are ways to get our readers connected to our characters on multiple levels which is exactly what we want.

Kevin is a life-long space geek and retired Army officer. As an adult, he managed the U.S. Space Camp program and served in space operations before Space Force was a thing. He’s an international bestselling science fiction author and renowned writing instructor, which is pretty cool because he never imagined being either one of those – he still wants to be an astronaut.

Kevin’s debut novel, Sleeper Protocol, was hailed by Publishers Weekly as “an emotionally powerful debut.” His twenty-five science fiction novels include The Crossing, Vendetta Protocol, Eminence Protocol, Runs In The Family, Peacemaker, Honor The Threat, Stand or Fall, Fields of Fire, and Harbinger. He is core author of the mega-bestselling Four Horsemen Universe, with more than a dozen novels spawned by Peacemaker.

Kevin is an Active Member of the International Association of Science Fiction and Fantasy Authors, International Thriller Writers, and SIGMA – the science fiction think tank. Kevin continues to work with space every day and lives in Colorado with his family.

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