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Escape to Freedom

Adrian Morgan sails from England as a bond servant surviving a hurricane to reach America. As a young adult she is strong-willed and determined to earn her freedom and start a new life in Baltimore City.

But when her bond is sold to a possessive lawyer, she decides to run away to Indian Territory where freedom is guaranteed. She teams up with Daniel Dunn another bond servant who shows initiative and confidence. They combine their skills to escape but Adrian breaks her arm fighting off a horse thief. When wanted posters for them appear they take refuge traveling south on the “Trail of Tears” with Cherokee Indians forced from their homes in Tennessee. Challenged by a flood and caught up in a tornado they finally reach Pleasantville, a town that needs their help rebuilding. Adrian begins sharing her English schooling as a teacher. It seems like a dream come true! But Daniel yearns to see what lies over the next mountain. Is this what they both really want? Are those wanted posters still following them and complicating their lives? Out of Adrian’s past an unexpected threat suddenly draws them together again strengthening their friendship and renewing their bond as partners. Now they must decide whether to part or face whatever dangers are ahead. What’s beyond the next mountain tops? Alison wonders whether to take the risk, and whether she might, just maybe even find a flicker of romance in a future beyond the horizon.

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