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Flying While Falling

High in the sky he soars through the air

The wind rushes past, parting through his golden hair like connecting bridges

As he hollers and yells and smiles a blinding light rivaling the sun he flies next to.

Daedalus tries to get his warning through the impassable winds as Icarus flew higher and higher, But he could not hear, for the rush in his heart was the loudest above all else

As he climbed the sky and saw that sun shine on the blue sea below,

Icarus laughed, for his wish of freedom had been granted.

And when the wax holding the wings melted, he did not fall

What Daedalus could not comprehend, what the moral lesson can not tell you

Is that as Icarus plummeted into the sea, he was still flying, smiling and laughing all the way.

DVWG Poet Aedan Von Weckmann

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