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From the Painted Tomb


Born an exalted Egyptian prince, 3rd son of Thutmose III, Prince Rahmor stood in favor with his father--until he commits the one unpardonable sin - he falls in love with a copper-haired slave who's destined to become queen. His love for this woman not only endangers his life, but the consequences of that love carry through the ages to a contemporary copper-haired American woman. He didn’t count on falling in love with her, nor did he know he’d have a fight to the death with a magical werewolf that follows him through time.


When newspaper reporter Krista Hawthorne transfers to a small town in the Appalachian Mountains, she expects a quiet place in which to recover from a devastating heartbreak. Instead, she’s plunged into a nightmare of terror that tests every belief she’s ever held dear. When a mythical werewolf viciously attacks and kills her date, she runs in terror, but when the beast catches up to her, instead of attacking her, he stares at her, then backs away and crashes into the bushes.

Why? Why did it let her live? When she finally discovers the answer, she's plunged into an unseen world of magic, danger, and a love beyond her wildest dreams.

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