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Indian Country: Incident at Big Pine

Fed up with big city life as a copper in a Southern California town, Officer Mike Taylor hands in his notice and moves to rural South Dakota to be a County Sheriff's Deputy. As a blonde haired, blue eyed Caucasian practicing Native American spirituality from a young age, he just never quite fit in.

Hoping for a fresh start, Mike soon learns that changing location doesn't change others' perception of you.

When a murder occurs, Mike is thrust into the middle of local prejudices that go back hundreds of years. Speaking the language and being on the Red Road are little help. Unlikely allies surface and friendships are formed bridging divides previously closed. Loyalties pitting races against departments are tested.

When a second murder occurs, matters are only more complicated.

Then a mysterious Native American spiritual leader approaches Mike out of the blue, inviting him to build a lodge and sweat with him.

Will Mike Taylor get back on his spiritual path? And more importantly, will he and his new friends on the Tribal Police department and his own department solve the murders before more happen?

And of course, there's a girl...

In a shocking culmination of events that can only be described as noir, Mike and his friends must sort through the fallout.

Indian Country: Incident at Big Pine is book 1 of this powerful new series called the Sergeant Taylor Mysteries.

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