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Elevate Your Writing

Jan 23, 2021

presented by Tim Riter

  1. Develop a laser focus on your writing that keeps you on track.

  2. Discover how “hard writing” will make what you write easier to read.

  3. Learn four basic principles that can elevate your writing to the echelon of excellence.

Tim has two Master’s Degrees and ten traditionally published books. He has given thirty keynote addresses, and he has presented various workshops at about 100 writers’ conferences. When his last book came out, it was the number one Kindle New Release in Motorcycles. His teaching career includes sixteen years at Azusa Pacific University, Hope International, and Oxnard College along with eleven years teaching English at the high school level. He is a nonfiction book panelist on The Writers’ View. His blog, Unconventional, has an annual audience of 12,000.

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