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King of Onus

Abducted by Aliens and Thrown into the Future

Pamela Delanie

Pamela falls asleep after having a little too much wine at a celebration dinner with her best friend.

When she wakes, she's confronted with a chilling truth: she's been abducted and placed into cryogenic slumber, alongside thirteen other females from earth.

Two centuries have elapsed since they were stolen.... They find themselves in an entirely different galaxy and thrust into a thrust into a strict patriarchy society.

Magnar Jacoat, King of Onus

King Magnar and his warriors intercept a vessel intruding in their space.

They stumble upon a wonder beyond imagining: fourteen women of otherworldly beauty.


Amidst challenging trials, Pamela and Magnar’s love blossoms. Lurking in the shadows, is a malevolent Lord, driven by an unquenchable thirst for power and vengeance, who threatens their world and galaxy. Plagued with plots and betrayals, they put their trust and honor to the test.

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