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Last Voyage: A West Africa Adventure

Enjoy humor and adventure? Hold on to your hat. Last Voyage takes you to exotic, faraway places in West Africa on a safari loaded with mystery, thrills and tons of laughs. Know-it-all millionairess Rhonda Schmidt booked a dream trip to Africa, and she wants to share it with her closest friends. Trusting Rhonda’s advice, Helen Slider sets off on an adventure of a lifetime to West Africa dragging her skeptical husband Jerry.

Readers of Font’s - Wrath of Rhonda and Road to Machu Picchu - will remember Rhonda as Jerry’s longtime nemesis and bête noire. What disasters will Helen’s too-trusting heart lure them into? Upon embarkation the cruise line announces the company will fold due to financial woes. It will be the Sea Witch’s last sail from Dakar to Cape Town. Did anyone say, Ebola? Titus Attah is fleeing Monrovia for his life as he is pursued by Liberian authorities for being a carrier of the deadly virus. He’s headed directly into the path of our unsuspecting travelers onboard the aging cruise ship, Sea Witch. It’s the perfect storm as sparks fly in this final sequel to the Jerry Slider adventure trilogy.

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