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Liberating Lana

Lana’s peaceful new life in Helena is shattered when, Jack, a dangerous man from her past finally tracks her down. She’s tempted to run again, but Tuper convinces her to stay and fight. Unfortunately, Jack knows Lana’s secrets—and weaknesses. When Jack kidnaps her dear friend Clarice, Lana feels like she has no choice but to use her hacking skills to help him commit devastating cybercrimes. Tuper has other plans though and calls his friends JP and Ron from San Diego to join the investigation. Using Lana as bait, they search for Clarice and hatch a plan to entrap Jack. But when the kidnapper is shot and killed, it leaves Clarice confined in an unknown location, and they discover Jack is not the only one stalking Lana. The crew races the clock—but can they find Clarice before it’s too late? And save Lana from her past—or will she have to keep running?

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