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Ode to California

We have many friends

Who like rats on a sinking ship

Have abandoned California

Truly makes me want to flip

The next time I want to travel

To see this nation wide

I’ll have friends in every state

Across the countryside.

Idaho, Texas, and Tennessee

Have welcomed these new guests

It won’t be long before locals shout

“Who are these California pests?”

North Carolina and Utah too

They’ll seek out places to land

What looked so lovely in springtime

In winter ain’t so grand.

Snow, hurricanes and bugs

I wouldn’t know how to behave

Humidity, alligators, and floods

Would put me in my grave.

I’ll take my earthquakes and heat

I’m a California girl

The thought of ever leaving her

Makes me want to hurl.

I could never leave behind

The sun, the surf, the breeze

Sure, I could ditch the taxes

And those who live for free.

I love you California

80 years you’ve been my home

I will never leave you

For another state to roam

When they put me under

In the California ground

My soul will be in heaven

No more my poems will sound.

Inside the pearly gates

I’ll stand before the Savior

He’ll check out all I’ve done

Giving crowns for good behavior.

It won’t be California

But when it’s time to go

I’ll say my goodbyes with Joy

It’s the end of the Karen Show

DVWG Poet Karen Robertson

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