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Old Town Temecula (Images of America)

The original inhabitants called Temecula the place of origins, "the place of sand and sun." From the beginnings of the Native American village to the introduction of the railroad that made it into a Western town in 1882, Old Town Temecula captivates visitors and residents with its rustic charm. Cattlemen and cowboys frequented the saloons, and Hollywood's elite found liquor flowing during Prohibition in Old Town establishments where legendary stories of high times and crimes are retold today. After World War II, Old Town was at a crossroads, and residents and travelers dined in roadside cafés along historic Highway 395. In 1977, after nearly losing its Old West flair, several visionary businessmen decided to promote Old Town Temecula's historic past by recreating an 1890s Western architectural motif for Old Town. Now a tourist destination for antiquing, dining, and viewing vintage cars, Old Town has something of interest for everyone.

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