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Opposites Attract in Sedona

Her world in turmoil, quiet Celeste flees to the solitude of the desert, where a gruff and burly carpenter dares her to live again.

Celeste Waterbury is shattered.

Defeated by workplace trauma and her husband’s indifference, the sixty-something blue blood escapes to the desert, determined to put her sad, failing marriage behind her. When she hires Sedona’s top contractor to remodel her house, she’s unnerved by her attraction to the ruggedly handsome gun nut.

John Collins hates rich people. He’s ready to retire and get the hell out of the business.

But when a wealthy introvert hires him to remodel her vacation home, he’s shocked to find himself attracted to her. They're exact opposites. She’s afraid of her own shadow. He’s big and burly. Worse, he can never forget that it was a wealthy businessman who caused his father’s death. The whole situation is a blueprint for disaster, but he signed the contract so he's committed.

Then Celeste comes up with a surprising strategy to ease the situation. In a series of three dares, each will challenge the other to step into a different world. Hers is quiet and soft. His--busy and loud. Can they handle it? Will they find peace or drive each other even crazier?

Three dares. Two months. One love affair that will never work.

Or will it?

Opposites Attract in Sedona is the emotional second book in the Starting Over in Sedona later-in-life romance series.

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