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Second Chances in Sedona

Did their empty nest expose an empty marriage?

Heather Winstead is gutted. All she ever wanted was to raise a family, so after her youngest child leaves for college, she's bereft. One morning, she eyes her workaholic husband across the breakfast table and realizes she doesn't even know him anymore. When he comes home late one night smelling of perfume, she grabs her excuse to leave and heads for the school where her three children attend.

Rick Winstead feels blindsided. After twenty years of providing for Heather and the kids, his wife has abandoned him. She says she’s sad and confused. Well, what about him?

Staying with friends in Sedona and hanging out on campus, Heather's having a blast reliving her youth, but does she really want a future without Rick? Meanwhile, he is finally able to focus 100% on his work, but without Heather, what's the point? And his sexy, young assistant manager is closing in fast.

Living apart, they are forced to take a hard look at the future. Were the children their only reason to stay together, or was there more? Are Rick and Heather about to walk away from a once-in-a-lifetime gift?

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