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Praying For Israel

In this 31-day devotional and journal, you’ll find inspiration to start praying the Scriptures on behalf of the people of Israel. “Praying the Scriptures” is an ancient practice that you may not have heard of, but it’s easy, it’s accessible to anyone with a Bible, and it will radicalize your prayer life!

I’ve included journal pages following each short devotional to give you a place to interact with God’s Word by recording your own thoughts and prayers. You might add Bible passages and notes for further study and meditation, jot down puzzling questions, or respond to your reading with creative writing. This is also a great place to record answers to specific prayer requests. We serve a God who hears us and answers our prayers (Psalm 55:16-17); let’s honor Him by remembering how and when He does so.

I hope that you will come back to this journal repeatedly to find inspiration for your prayer life. I know that when I first started praying God’s Word back to Him and journaling my thoughts, the practice breathed new life into my devotional time.

It’s been said that you cannot love what you do not know, and I believe that’s especially true of our personal relationship with God. He made us for intimate fellowship with Him. If you feel that your love has grown cold or that your prayers have become dull, I encourage you to try praying and journaling the Scriptures.

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