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Recovering Rita

When a young girl goes missing from a Hutterite colony, the case is personal for Tuper. So his tech-loving sidekick, Lana, volunteers to go undercover in the isolated community and dig for the truth. She quickly learns that Rita has a love interest on the outside, but as they start to think she eloped, another Hutterite girl disappears.As Tuper seeks help from old friends, Lana hacks into their suspects’ backgrounds, but their leads hit a dead-end. Worried sick, Lana goes deep online into the dark web—where she discovers a disturbing chat room with a conversation about sex trafficking. Out of leads, Lana makes the ultimate sacrifice and sets herself up as bait. But their plan goes sideways, and her life is soon on the line. Can Tuper find the captive women in time to save them?

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