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Retrograde Amnesia

Peter Higgins is caught up in a confusion because he seems to have traveled through time. He and his companion, Dora, kept a journal tracing a path from a small Kansas town to the jungles of Mexico, Central America and various Mayan ruins. He meets the author, Greg Porterfield at a truck stop near the Mexican border and throughout the night Higgins relates his strange experience. On the journey Higgins and Dora encountered other travelers and unusual characters. He swears the journey took place in the year 2030... Will his trip through time alter our future?In Retrograde Amnesia, Peter Higgins tells his bizarre story. It offers a glimpse of a dark future that forced him and Dora to seek a simpler life in the jungles of Costa Rica. Their journey takes them places they never could have imagined and provides just as many questions as it does answers. Is anything in Higgins’ journal real?

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