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Road to Machu Picchu: A Jerry Slider Cruise Adventure

Do you like quirky, snarky humor and adventure? Hold on to your hat. This story's loaded with mystery, suspense, and laughs; it takes you to faraway places... What to do when you discover you have misjudged a friend and hurt a love one? In some cases, flowers are simply not enough. Helen Slider wanted to make things up to her husband, Jerry, for having ruined his previous cruise to the South Pacific. She surprises him with a voyage to Central and South America to enjoy all by himself. Jerry is ecstatic with the opportunity of seeing his longtime bucket-list dream, the still-mysterious Incan ruins of Machu Picchu. But there are a great many more surprises in store for Jerry on this exotic cruise from San Diego to Peru. Follow the intrigue, mayhem and rollicking fun aboard the Peruvian Star. Share in the fascinating adventures of Jerry, his hapless sidekick Max, and their small tour group. Explore the eastern jungles of Guatemala and the subtropics of Mach Picchu, Peru. This thrilling story, a sequel to the author's Wrath of Rhonda, will captivate you with scenic splendor, spark your imagination and hold you in suspense to the very end...don't miss the Road to Machu Picchu.

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