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Scene & Sequel

What’s the deadly writing sin readers can’t forgive?

If you’re a writer, if you’ve ever attempted to write a novel, even if you’re an avid reader, you must have seen reviewers tag a novel as ”Dull,” “Slow-Moving,” and/or “Boring.” That’s the worst of all. Readers can forgive most any writing sin – except for BORING. As writers, what descriptions do we long to see? “Tight Writing” “Fast-Paced” “Well-Plotted,” and the absolute best, “Page-Turner.” Except for “Well-Plotted,” everything else is controlled by understanding and correctly-writing a SCENE, followed by its SEQUEL. What are scenes & sequels, you ask? And how do you write them? Let me help you. Let my years of experience as an editor, author, and writing coach help you understand and write scenes and sequels to keep those readers turning pages.

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