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Ten Times Guilty

A single mother struggles for worth after a vicious attack. A police sergeant seeks redemption for a crime he didn't realize he'd committed - until the victim dies.

While walking home from work one night, Tracy Michaels' world shatters when she's viciously attacked. He knows all about her and threatens to kill Ritchie, her baby son, if she goes to the police. She vows to keep silent, but when her friend and neighbor calls an ambulance, she's taken to the hospital.

When detectives arrive, she's terrified. Is HE watching? A taunting note from him arrives, assuring her he knows. Determined to keep her baby safe, she escapes from the hospital and seeks shelter for Ritchie and herself in a safe house for battered women.

Then she spots him, watching. Waiting.

Will she and her baby ever be safe? There's only one thing to do...

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