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Thank You, Mr. Emerson

A man, a woman, a butterfly, and a Native American casino limo driver. Thank You, Mr. Emerson is a modern novel, part battle of the sexes, part Emersonian philosophy, part spiritual mystery, part a nature trail. A young, professional Southern California couple discover their ten-year marriage and individual paths in life are not as they seem. The couple’s togetherness is built on status, love of movies and the hobby games they make up, rather than the deep love they thought they had. Not just the conflicts they’re having, it’s an exploration of a 30s couple’s fundamental questions in life: Is my life a lie? How and where to live? What is our place in the universe? To have a baby or not? Am I still connected to my work, and to the unseen as well? Not just their marriage is at risk, but their lives too, from the wilds of the desert they live at the edge of and from the wondrous inner reaches of their minds.

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