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The Buddha on the Front Porch is Clean

The Buddha on the front porch is clean.

Of late, I have been caught

In the whirlwind of frenetic energy surrounding

The start of a new school year,

Hurriedly writing down the words

That will later be offered to my students

In hopes that they will realize how poetry is,

As Frost said, "a momentary stay against confusion,"

A comfort in the midst of chaos,

An opportunity for the mind to rest and reflect.

With back-to-school activities following close

On the heels of end-of-summer activities,

I have deferred my usual maintenance routine.

In those weeks of neglect,

The Buddha has continued to sit patiently

Collecting grass clippings, weed seeds,

Cobwebs and cat hair,

Growing a bit grimier each day

But still greeting the mail carrier

And Jehovah's Witnesses

With his serene smile, hands

Nestled together, right palm atop left.

I broke the quiet Saturday morning air

With the sound of power mower and edger,

Then marched through quickly

With the leaf blower, clearing the porch

And swirling all the detritus away

While the Buddha continued to sit,

Unmoved by it all.


DVWG Poet S. Kay Murphy

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