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The Last Crusader

THE LAST CRUSADER occurs between 1920 and around 1950. It's about a boy who grew up under terrible conditions. His parents died, and he went to various foster homes, which also abused him while living in the mid-West. He was fortunate that a police officer went out of his way to help the boy. He was made a ward of the court and seemed to start seeing a different side of the world. Jim began to do well in school and later joined the U.S. Army. When Jim left the service, he returned to school to be a lawyer. Along the way, he saw how people were mistreated and how many couldn’t protect themselves. He tries to help as many people as possible, never taking any money from them. Sometimes, the people who had been abused didn’t even know they were being helped. His practice as a lawyer took care of all his financial needs. He has about 12 of these adventures before he retires and moves away. He made some friends but never met them socially. As a result, he also became a loner, and he was okay with that. When he retired, he donated his household furniture to a charity, changed his name, and disappeared to where he used to take his vacation when he was stationed in Germany.

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