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The P.I. Procedural

Jun 15, 2024

presented by Dennis K. Crosby

From the Noir to the Cozy, mystery novels and short stories have relied on the Private Investigator to solve crimes in a logical, methodical, and sometimes comedic way. But how do you create a PI with intelligence and charm without falling into big screen cliché? How do you keep them authentic? In this workshop writers will learn some tricks and tips from a former Private Investigator that will add authenticity to your PI without dragging your story into the weeds. You’ll learn the best places to collect information, the best methods to follow someone (on foot and otherwise), tips on how to gather information from the subject of your investigation without revealing who you are, and more. We’ll explore investigative techniques to keep your protagonist true to their craft, your antagonist unaware, and your readers anxiously turning the page.

Dennis K. Crosby is the award-winning author of the Kassidy Simmons novels, DEATH’S LEGACY, DEATH’S DEBT, and DEATH’S DESPAIR. Since 2020, he has published three urban fantasy novels and nine short stories in the horror and supernatural thriller genres. Dennis holds a Master's Degree in Forensic Psychology and a Master of Fine Arts Degree in Creative Writing. With experience in retail sales, private investigation, and social service, Dennis uses his knowledge and experience to craft compelling characters experiencing real world challenges against the backdrop of magical, supernatural, and mythological phenomena. He's been the subject of several interviews and podcasts, a guest speaker at multiple conferences, and a panelist at both WonderCon and Comic-Con International.

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