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The Turnaround

The story begins with a news flash that a Gambler's Special Turnaround bus has careened off the freeway in a dust storm on its return trip from Las Vegas to Southern California. Several passengers are killed, and one Grace Partain is missing in the desert.

Grace is a forty-year-old school teacher who is struggling with anxiety and a workaholic husband who doesn't have time for her. Her husband Philip is a real estate mogul whose only concern is the next big deal. They have no children and their life together is empty.

Grace isn't a gambler, but she hops on the Gambler's Special in an effort to escape reality for twenty-four hours so she can decide what to do about her marriage.

Through an unexpected tragedy, Grace is faced with a decision that will change the course of her life, her name, and put her in great danger.

Law enforcement, private investigators, a pastor, a bar maid, an old woman, and two greasy tow truck drivers become part of Grace's Turnaround story.

There is deception, double-dealing, dishonesty, drugs, and deliverance with humor sprinkled along the way. Many twists and turns and misadventures will keep you entertained to the very last line.

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