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25th Anniversary Anthology Inland Empire Branch of the California Writers Club

Welcome to the 2024 25th Anniversary Anthology of the Inland Empire Branch of the California Writers Club, which was founded in 1999 (The parent California Writers Club was founded in 1909). This collection includes short stories, poetry, memoir, nonfiction, memoir, original drawings and photographs, and one novelette entitled Murder in Huckleberry Heights.

This anthology contains the varietal work of eighteen members of the Inland Empire Branch with several genres being represented. The eighteen members who contributed to this anthology are: Ben Alirez, Elisabeth Maria Anghel, Ann Casas, Constance Cassinelli, Robert Louis Covington, Dan Delehant, ML Fogg, Abigail Handojo, Judy Kohnen, Larry Lauritzen, Denise Nichols, Samuel Thomas Nichols, Shirley Petro-Timura, Vicki Peyton, Jackie Phillips, Scott Skipper, Assunta Maria Vickers, and Sharon White.

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