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I'm trying to get my ducks in a row, but I'm not sure where all my ducks are... and I'm pretty sure at least one of them is a pigeon!

My apologies for any notifications you may have received. I disabled the notifications from the site defaults, but apparently once a member account is created, those override the site defaults.

Kevin, your humble Webmaster

So what are they about?

Well, now that we have a functioning Member Profile system, I was going through all items that could be linked to a member profile and assigning them to the corresponding member. This means Member Books, Poems from the Poetry Appreciation meeting as well as actual meetings where members were the featured speaker.

What is the benefit of doing that?

If you look at any page that has member content and a website visitor clicks the writer's name (aka the member profile name) it will take them to the Member Profile page, which will allow them to see ALL content written by that member. It also allows them to read an author bio and links to a website, socials, etc.

If you haven't created your Member Profile page yet, you really should! Instructions are in the forum.

What is the end goal?

Since I am in the process of preserving all Straitjackets content into it's own Wix site, I have discovered I can import the content of Straitjackets into the DVWG site, thus any Straitjackets content you have posted in the past COULD also be linked to your Member Profile. This means some of you could receive LOTS of notifications.

It just makes being a Member of the Guild even more valuable (best $25 value there is!) as the more links and interconnected material, the better bang you get from website searches.

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