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Fun and Creative Ways to Market Yourself

Jul 24, 2021

presented by Mary St. John-Putnam

Whether you just have an idea, a completed manuscript, or several books published, right now is the perfect time to market yourself and your works. While some publishers will do a little promotion for you, more likely, you’ll need to get the word out yourself. In this presentation, Mary shares with us how to select the appropriate tools for online marketing while making the most of your time and dollars based on your personal comfort level. With suggestions and exercises for beefing up your pitch, your personal brand, and your marketing plan, she’ll share her tips, tricks, and tactics on how to put the fun back in marketing fundamentals.

Mary has spent years working in technology for such organizations as NASA/JPL (Jet Propulsion Laboratories) and Amazon. In 2009, recognizing that she enjoys working with humans more than computers, she switched from engineering to marketing where she did video production, blogging, social media, writing, and technical training within those organizations. In 2019, she left corporate life to join her husband, retired cop-turned-bestselling-author David Putnam, helping authors tell and sell their stories. Mary does online media as well as hands-on grass-roots book promotions. She enjoys finding fun and creative ways to get your word out, whether through technical online methods or graffitiing the side of her house!

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