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Incorporating Mystery, Thriller, & Suspense, into any Work

April 14, 2023

presented by Clay Stafford

In any literary work, it’s important for a writer to incorporate mystery, thriller, and suspense into their project to add intrigue, whether it be in those specific genres or another.

With that in mind, Clay will talk about the following themes:

  • Defining mystery, thriller, and suspense

  • Exploring the subtleties of mystery, thriller, and suspense

  • Why these three themes apply to all genres of literature

  • How to weave mystery, thriller, and suspense into your own work

Clay Stafford is an American bestselling and award-winning author, poet, screenwriter, and playwright; film and television producer, director, showrunner, actor; book, film, and stage reviewer as well as public speaker. He has sold nearly four million copies of his books and has had his work distributed in sixteen languages. He is founder and CEO of the annual Killer Nashville International Writers’ Conference and a contributor to Writer’s Digest magazine with his online column, “Killer Writer”.

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